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Cacao CEremony

 Initiatory retreat and a gentle encounter with the expanded states


Kambo, also known as the "giant monkey frog" or Phyllomedusa bicolor, is a traditional healing ritual that originated in some South American countries. It involves the use of toxins extracted from the frog's skin, which are then applied to superficial burns made on the skin. The toxins contain several different compounds that can cause adverse side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal cramping, as well as an opioid-like mellow feeling or euphoria

Proponents of Kambo claim that it triggers an immune response that can heal a wide range of conditions, from addiction to infertility to cancer. However, there is no evidence to support any therapeutic benefits for any medical condition. The effects of a Kambo cleanse do not last long, and it is unlikely that they could impact a chronic health condition. The bioactive peptides in the toxins cause a pharmacological response, but there is no research to support whether that translates into lasting benefits

Kambo cleanses come with some health risks, including variability in dosage, potential interactions with medications, and the risk of heart problems due to the toxins' ability to dilate blood vessels and speed up heart rate. There have been reported deaths from Kambo cleanses, although they are rare. Additionally, there is a risk of overhydration due to the recommendation to drink a lot of water before a cleanse, which can dilute electrolyte levels and potentially lead to rare but serious complications

Despite these risks, Kambo cleanses are growing in popularity in the United States and can be found at natural healing centers and online. The ritual is believed to detoxify the body through a deep purge-induced cleanse, target physical and emotional conditions, and increase clarity and energy levels for extended periods of time after the ceremony . 

Kambo Clense Session

1 Preparation Call

1 Kambo Clense

Optional: Rapeh, Sananga

1 integration session

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