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Holistika Experience

Dervish Wisdom : The Spiritual Quest Through Whirling

Unveiling the Soufi Mysteries


An immersive experience designed to unveil the mystical essence of Soufi spirituality through the art of dance. Over the course of two transformative days, you will delve deep into the spiritual facets of Soufism, guided by experienced mentors and practitioners.

Day one begins with an enlightening introduction to Soufi philosophy, emphasizing the pursuit of transcendence and spiritual connectivity. Engage in a guided initiatory experience through the ethereal power of sound, heightening your spiritual receptivity and mystical awareness. Delve into the fundamental movements of Soufi dance, including the sacred practice of whirling, establishing a profound connection between the body and the soul.

Following a nourishing break, the afternoon session delves into the symbolic gestures inherent to Soufi dance, uncovering their profound spiritual significance. Engage in trance-inducing exercises through the sacred practice of Zikr, a meditative journey based on the repetition of sacred rhythms and phrases. Finally, immerse yourself in an exploratory space, allowing your body to express itself freely through the art of whirling within a sacred circle.


Day two builds upon the learnings of the previous day, offering a comprehensive recap of the concepts, movements, and practices. Deepen your trance experience through an enriched session of Zikr, paving the way for a deeper spiritual connection. Explore the intricate language of Soufi dance and its symbolic gestures, delving further into their role within the realm of Soufi spirituality.

As the day unfolds, partake in a meditative dance experience, surrendering yourself to states of trance and spiritual ecstasy. Conclude this transformative journey with a poignant closing ceremony and the symbolic ritual of the rose, leaving you with a profound understanding of the mystical dimensions of Soufism, entwined with the beauty and grace of dance.


Is Sufi Awakening the right match for you?

Are you seeking a profound spiritual experience that transcends the ordinary and delves into the depths of your soul? If you are drawn to the enchanting world of Sufi spirituality and yearn for a transformative journey of self-discovery, this retreat is precisely what you've been searching for.


Dive into the mystical teachings of Sufi philosophy and immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound, movement, and meditation. Whether you are new to Sufi practices or have been on this path for some time, our carefully crafted program offers an opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of Sufi spirituality in a way that resonates with your personal journey.


Prepare to be guided through initiatory experiences, spiritual teachings, and profound dance practices that will awaken your spirit and ignite a deeper connection with the divine.

Join us on this sacred voyage of self-exploration and awakening, where each moment is infused with the essence of Sufi wisdom and the rhythmic pulse of your own heartbeat. Engage in a supportive community of fellow seekers, share in the beauty of Sufi traditions, and find solace in the depth of your spiritual practice.


Embrace the transformative potential that lies within you and discover the profound unity between body, mind, and soul as you unlock the hidden mysteries of the Sufi path. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey that will forever change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. This retreat is your gateway to an unforgettable experience of spiritual growth, connection, and inner peace.

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What benefits can you expect attending Sufi Awakening?

Transformative Spiritual Journey

Emphasize how the retreat offers a unique opportunity for profound spiritual growth and self-discovery, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual path.

Emotional Liberation and Healing

Emphasize how the retreat facilitates emotional liberation and healing, allowing participants to release emotional blockages and cultivate a greater sense of emotional balance and well-being, fostering a transformative journey of self-discovery and emotional awakening.

Mind-Body Connection and Holistic Wellness

Stress the integrated approach of the retreat, showcasing how the combination of Sufi meditation, dance, and spiritual practices fosters a strong mind-body connection, leading to holistic well-being and personal empowerment.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Emphasize the immersive nature of the retreat, offering participants an authentic experience of Sufi culture and concepts, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rich traditions, rituals, and philosophies of Sufism, fostering a deep and profound connection with the essence of Sufi spirituality and its transformative power.

Name - Country


The venue

The facilities include a yoga room, swimming pool, exquisite gardens, and a tennis court.

Benefiting from 300 sun-filled days annually, the air is crisp, purified by the nearby pine forest.


Finnaly, It is possible to extend your stay to enjoy the nature and the available activities.

Barcelona, Spain

The retreat unfolds within a charming Mediterranean backdrop, offering an ideal environment to detach from your daily routine.


The venue consists of a collection of 18th-century rural farmhouses, nestled in the hills of Penedès, Catalonia, Spain, enveloped by forests and vineyards.

The venue is located 1-hour drive from Barcelona airport.

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Sufi Awakening, a 5 days retreat that includes :

1 Cacao ceremony or Temazcal Ceremony

1 Sacred tobacco 

Ceremony, Sananga

1 day focus on Shamanic


1 Golden teacher


1 day focus on


3 Yoga Session

with Plant infusion

3 experiential Workshops 

2 sessions: discoveryand group preparation

Holistic & integrative

Brief introduction to the concepts

Sacred Tobacco - Rapeh

Sama refers to the Sufi ceremony or ritual that incorporates music, chanting, and dance as a means to achieve a heightened spiritual state and a profound sense of unity with the divine. It serves as a central practice in Sufi tradition, fostering a deep connection with the spiritual essence through the rhythmic movements and enchanting melodies of the dance, enabling practitioners to transcend the limitations of the material world and experience a profound sense of spiritual elevation and inner harmony.


Dhikr, meaning "remembrance" in Arabic, is the practice of invoking the name of God through rhythmic chanting, recitation of sacred phrases, and meditative contemplation. It serves as a fundamental aspect of Sufi dance, enabling practitioners to cultivate a deep sense of spiritual devotion, emotional balance, and the timeless resonance of divine grace and unity. Through the practice of Dhikr, Sufi dancers aim to quiet the mind, open the heart, and attain a heightened state of spiritual awareness and inner peace.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Tarab is the emotional ecstasy and spiritual elation experienced during Sufi dance, characterized by a profound sense of joy, unity, and divine connection. It signifies the transcendent experience of spiritual bliss and emotional resonance that practitioners attain through the enchanting rhythms, meditative movements, and devotional chants of Sufi dance. Tarab serves as a profound expression of the timeless embrace of divine love and the spiritual unity that transcends all boundaries and limitations, fostering a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment and inner harmony within the hearts of seekers.


Schedule subject to change.

Not Included:

  • Flights.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Airport transfers..

16:00 Arrivals and Registration
18:00 Opening the circle and setting intentions 



Whirling Wisdom, 4 days retreat:

Enjoy the low season pricing at 1599€.

Early Bird pricing: 1490€ until March, 11th 2024

Bring a friend a save up to 100€!

Retreat package includes:

  • 4 days, 3-night stay in a beautiful venue in the middle of the nature. We provide you with towels, toiletries and yoga mates.

  • Farm to table organic and locally sourced, drinks and fruits available at anytime of the day.

  • Savor chef-prepared meals, expertly crafted for a delicious and beautifully presented dining experience.

  • Airport transfers included during limited hours. (Taxi service for €90 per trip)


Transformative experiences:


Next Steps

Choose your retreat


Choose a retreat that aligns with your desired experience and preferred intensity. 


Secure your Spot

Reserve Your Spot with 33% deposit. You will receive a confirmation email with all details and an evaluation form.


Preparation Call

After completing the form, you will receive a request to schedule a call for your assessment, which will include a psychotherapy evaluation.


Plan your travels

At 30 days before the retreat, consider booking your flight and making necessary arrangements.

You will receive an email to complete your payment at 30 days
from the reterat date, you can also pay at your arrival.


Attend a preparation workshop

Join us for a preparation workshop 2-3 weeks prior to the retreat.

Get ready for your transformative retreat journey!

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Secure your spot by making a non-refundable deposit of 30%.

​Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotions:

    • Early Bird Special Discount: 100€ discount if booked 45 days before the retreat.

    • Or Bring a Friend Discount: 50€ discount for both when you bring a friend. 

  2. Cut-off Date and number of Participants:

    • Cut-off Date: 30 days before the retreat. Confirmation or postponement decision will be made after the cut-off date. If confirmed, participants can book flights. If canceled, credit can be used for another date.

    • Minimum Participants: 8.

    • Our retreat accommodates a maximum of 14 participants.

  3. Seasonal Pricing: Our rates adjust accordingly with distinct pricing for low and high seasons:

    • High Season: from June to Octobe, retreat is at 1699€

    • Low Season: from November to May, retreat is at 1599€ 

  4. Cancellation Policy:

    • Full refund if canceled 45 days before the retreat.

    • After 45 days, the deposit is non-refundable. Credit can be used for another retreat.

  5. Payment Settlement:

    • 40% deposit required calculated on the full season price.

    • Balance due 30 days before the retreat by transfer or at your arrival in Cash.

  6. Accommodation and Extended Stay:

    • Option to extend stay for 300€ per night (all-inclusive amenities).

    • Option for a private double bedroom during the retreat for an extra 300€

Retreat language:

  • We are fluent in English, French and Spanish and most interactions will be in your preferred language.

  • During the integrations, we will use the language understood by the majority and we will translate when needed.

  • The retreat is conducted in English, and a basic level is sufficient.

For more details or specific inquiries, feel free to ask.

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