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I am Marta Masanés

Meet Marta, a Barcelona-native with a captivating journey that weaves together over a decade of practice and three years of in-depth study in systemic therapy and holistic healing.


Her unwavering pursuit of self-discovery and empowerment has transformed her into a dedicated Gestalt therapist and an adventurous explorer of ancestral natural remedies, making her an irresistible beacon for those seeking profound transformation during our retreats.

Current Activities
  • I currently provide support and facilitate individual psychotherapeutic processes at my private practice in Barcelona, both in-person and online.

  • I conduct sessions of Systemic Family Constellations, both in-person and online. I lead groups to promote self-awareness and empowerment, for both women and mixed-gender participants.

  • I offer psychotherapeutic integration and guidance in self-awareness and expanded consciousness retreats, utilizing ancestral natural remedies.

  • I provide therapeutic support in individual sessions using ancestral natural remedies.

  • I deliver conferences and workshops in organizations on the psychopedagogy of the Self, aiming to evolve towards the best version as a human being in harmony with nature and to tap into one's full potential. Topics covered include holistic health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, conscious entrepreneurship, and addressing anxiety, among others.

Related Academic Background
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychopedagogy, University of Barcelona.

  • Training in Integrative Psychotherapy and Enneagram, SAT program with Claudio Naranjo.

  • Training in Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Institute of Barcelona.

  • Member of the AETG (Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy).

  • Training in Couples Therapy, Gestalt Institute of Barcelona.

  • International Master's in Family and Systemic Constellations, Gestalt Institute of Barcelona.

  • Training in Systemic Health with Stephan Hausner, Gestalt Institute of Barcelona.

  • Training in Creative and Integrative Body Movement: Contact, Laboratory of Creation, Dance-Theater, Authentic Movement, Corrective Body Therapy, Movement Harmony, and Emotion 

  • NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Institut Gestalt de Barcelona.

  • Training in Cognition, Development, and Learning Therapy, Corporation for Development and Learning in Santiago de Chile.

  • Training in Transpersonal Psychology, Integrative Psychotherapy in Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness, and Shamanism, at the Consciente School and the European Ayahuasca School.

Personal Journey
  • I was born in Barcelona in 1978. From a young age, I wondered who I am, what my purpose is, how humans learn, and, above all, how I could contribute to creating a better world. As a result of this curiosity, I began my university studies in teaching and psychopedagogy, driven by the vocation I felt to facilitate learning and transformation processes in people.

  • Later on, this led me to undertake various international cooperative missions in South and Central America, where I supported educational projects as a psychopedagogue. This experience exposed me to new cultures and provided opportunities for me to learn different methods of experiential education.

  • Upon returning to Barcelona, I made a significant career change by merging my experience in the educational field with my passion for development awareness. I began working as a project manager in development education, human rights, solidarity, and peace culture.

  • Over time, I came to understand that it is not possible to transform the external world without first transforming oneself from within. So, I made a radical turn in my life. This led me to delve deeply into my own process of transformation through various therapeutic tools, books, and new experiences, including training in Gestalt Therapy.

  • As a result of the inner movement I generated, I started to experience various spontaneous transpersonal experiences. This opened me up to a profound crisis regarding my perception of who I am or am not, my life purpose, the nature of reality, and more. It changed and expanded my perception and awakened my consciousness. And in this process, I discovered that there is a way out, that it is possible to live differently.

  • In 2014, I opened my private practice in Gestalt therapy in Barcelona, deciding to focus on being a therapist. I began offering individual and group support, as well as workshops and conferences on inner development and empowerment in various organizations.

  • These transformative experiences and training, such as Family Constellations or the Enneagram, allowed me to understand myself as a human being at the physical, emotional, cognitive, systemic, and transpersonal levels. I realized that I had finally found what I had been searching for all along: my own truth.

  • And it is during this period of exhilaration, joy, and empowerment that I felt the calling to initiate and deepen my inner journey through ancestral medicines. Having confirmed the effectiveness of these medicines in my own inner transformation, I traveled to various cities across Europe, accompanying shamans and facilitators from Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and other places, learning and deepening my knowledge about sharing and guiding processes with these ancestral natural remedies.

  • From this journey up to now, where I offer my services as a therapist, my aim is to accompany and support you in connecting with your own nature, love, potential, wisdom, and inner peace.

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