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I am Indri

Indri Tulusan is not just a Breathwork Expert and Transformational Coach; she is a guiding force for leaders seeking rediscovery and transformation. With a rich background in corporate Design Innovation Projects, spanning 15 years and focused on changing healthcare services globally, Indri brings a unique blend of expertise to her clients. Growing up as a third culture kid in Germany with Indonesian parents, she cultivated a curiosity that led her to explore eastern spirituality, western structures, martial arts, meditation, and energy work.

Current Activities
  • As a guiding force for leaders seeking rediscovery and transformation, Indri employs her signature 4 Step Radiant Breath method to bring calm, connection, and confidence to the lives of overworked entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. This holistic approach aims to enhance visionary clarity, feminine flow, and healthy productivity.

  • Indri's impact extends globally through 1:1 sessions, courses, and programs, providing individuals with a transformative journey back to a place of love, pleasure, and empowerment.

Related Academic Background
  • Indri's academic journey has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to bring about meaningful change in the healthcare sector.

  • With a focus on Design Innovation Projects, she spent 15 years reshaping healthcare services globally, emphasizing patient and family-centered care models. This academic background, combined with her cultural diversity and a passion for spirituality and innovation, sets the foundation for her unique approach to breathwork and coaching.

  • Indri's commitment to creating positive transformations is reflected in her diverse experiences and expertise, making her a trailblazer in the field of holistic well-being.

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