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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

At the genesis of existence, light and shadow were born simultaneously. Light, the radiant force, gives rise to its counterpart, the shadow. But what exactly is a shadow? It is the distortion or deformation of light itself. To harness the power of light, we must acknowledge the shadows it casts. Thus, in order to shape our future, we must embark on a journey of healing our past - our individual lives and the ancestral lineage.

Family constellation: Shadow and light

The first step is to confront and embrace our own darkness or shadow, fostering self-awareness and cultivating love for all that was and has been. By doing so, we unlock our potential and transform density into luminosity.

Therapeutic processes are eternal, for as long as we forge ahead, we leave a past behind. Humanity will never reach a point of saying, "Ah, I have completely emerged into the light!" since the past, the shadow, will always exist alongside the future. The key lies in finding harmony with every step we've taken, allowing ourselves to bask in the light.

Those who awaken their consciousness do so not merely through meditation but often as a response to a profound crisis. Honoring the crisis that propels our awakening enables our consciousness to endure and permeate every facet of life. Recognizing our shadow becomes a fundamental aspect of this journey.

Recapitulating and reevaluating the past, honoring it for what it was, can transform our present being. Just as forgiveness holds the power to reshape our future, a simple act that alters our entire trajectory. It involves accepting and sometimes mourning the painful experiences, reviving the emotions (energy) that were once crystallized. By releasing these stagnant energies, we allow them to flow freely within us. Through this process, we glean wisdom, unearth our potential, and express gratitude for the transformative journey, as it propels our evolution, turning pain into peace and darkness into light.

Building the future necessitates a solid foundation in the past. Denying the shadow, the past, leads to a repetitive cycle of stagnation. Therefore, healing involves delving into the past, understanding what transpired, and elevating it to a higher plane of consciousness. We acknowledge that as children or under different circumstances, we lacked the understanding or tools to comprehend our past fully. Yet, by forgiving, we can change our perspective, empowering our future.

The concept of being "healed" is a fallacy. The structure of time commences with the future, with boundless potentiality and luminescence. The present emerges when we choose to step towards the light, and with each step, the past comes into focus. It is through the cumulative effect of these steps, each unique and inevitable, that we reach the light's embrace. Failing to recognize every step of this transformative journey inhibits our progress. Without acknowledging our origins, our roots, we remain adrift, without a destination. Thus, we must heal and harmonize the path we traversed, relinquishing its burdensome weight.

Family constellation: Shadow and light

During the healing process, what actions can we take?

As previously mentioned, self-knowledge serves as the bedrock, enabling us to strike a perfect balance between our thoughts (spirit), emotions (soul), and actions (body). When these three aspects harmonize, aligning in coherence, we tap into our inner power. Without this harmony, our inner power wanes. Our actions must align with our emotions, and our emotions must align with our thoughts.

For those uncertain about their mission or purpose, the invitation is to begin with the most immediate and fundamental aspect: the body.

The primary action revolves around mindful eating. As the adage goes, "You are what you eat." Every morsel we consume becomes a part of us - our cells, blood, organs, and even our hormones. These hormones influence our emotional state. To feel alive, we must nourish ourselves with vibrant, living foods. We should avoid allowing our minds to control our actions, such as succumbing to constant cravings for sweets or processed foods. Similarly, rigid ideologies should not dictate our choices, like adhering strictly to a vegan lifestyle without considering our body's unique needs. It is crucial to listen to our bodies and discern what they require in each moment. Our dietary choices shape our actions, which, in turn, shape our emotions.

Delving deeper, we must examine how we nourish our senses. What type of music do we listen to? What news do we consume? How do we communicate with ourselves and others? The sensations and emotions these inputs evoke within us determine their impact. Do they evoke harmony, relaxation, and love? Or do they instill tension, anger, or fear?

The breath, too, plays a pivotal role. Numerous techniques exist, each offering support in different moments. Yet, the foundation lies in becoming aware of the three fundamental movements: inhalation (connecting with the sky and masculine energy), retention (connecting with the neutral and the self), and exhalation (connecting with the Earth and feminine energy). As we cultivate mindfulness, we gradually extend the duration of each phase, allowing for deeper emotional regulation, mental nourishment, and bodily well-being. This practice fosters presence and awareness in every moment.

Physical movement is also crucial. The body serves as a reflection of our emotions and thoughts, and a sedentary lifestyle can stagnate both. Incorporating regular physical activity prevents stagnation and facilitates overall well-being.

May this contemplation on healing and the profound yet straightforward proposals for action inspire a profound awareness of our own lives, connecting us with our shared human nature and ushering forth a conscious and resolute humanity.

By Marta Masanés and revised by Ritshi Zenati.

Holistika Center run transformative and Spiritual retreats. We base our work on expanded states of consciousness and Sacred plants.

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