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Holistika Experience : Europe, Barcelona - Spain.

Wild Spirit: Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Retreat

Psilocybin therapy retreat with Breathwork and shamanic drumming workshops


Wild Spirit is an initiatory and unique journey through wild and preserved nature of Spain - Europe, specifically located in Barcelona. It offers the opportunity to experience relaxation moments and deep introspection. As you savor a healthy diet, you'll have the time to reconnect with your essence and aspirations, finding the inner balance that brings you peace and harmony. This retreat also introduces an inward dose with therapeutic magic mushrooms as part of its transformative experience.

This retreat is a gentle encounter with the expanded states and the sacred plants through ceremonies and guided workshops. It is meant to open you up to the realm of transformative work and help you to grasp the big picture. 

The magic mushroom retreat is transformative by design. From your arrival on the first day, you will awaken wisdom in your heart using Cacao as a heart opener or a Temazcal sweat lodge to ground yourself. You will also have the opportunity to experience sacred Tobacco and Sananga to bring you clarity.


The second day revolves around emotional release, with breathwork taking center stage as a tool you can carry with you for support in moments of need. Also, we will dedicate time to exploring oneself with self-coaching techniques, empowering you on your transformation journey that will have an enormous impact on your life. 

The first step of your life transformation is knowing yourself. Up to now, it was a whole day preparation for your deep exploration and self-discovery while taking a Golden Teacher mushroom - Magic Mushroom on the second day.

On the third day, you'll have the opportunity to explore shamanic drumming  and engage in soul work and journeying to restore your wholeness, which directly impacts your overall health and wellbeing. The rhythmic beats of the drums alter consciousness, enabling you to journey for various purposes, including healing, receiving answers, and guidance - an experience you can independently and thoroughly explore.

Before your departure, you'll learn about Plant medicine, particularly microdosing with Psilocybin to use it as a catalyst for your ongoing transformation upon your return.


Is a Therapeutic Magic Mushroom good for you?

Embarking on a journey toward life transformation or spiritual growth can be overwhelming with numerous options and uncertainty about where to start. Despite trying various methods, you may feel that positive changes are elusive. Holistika values diverse approaches, some becoming integral to your lifestyle over time, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of their interconnections.

Holistika focuses on experiential journeys with altered states, introducing non-substance techniques like breathwork and shamanic drumming. The psylocybin retreat is carefully designed for genuine, positive transformation, particularly benefiting mental and emotional well-being. It addresses stress, anxiety, and depression, offering improved communication, heightened energy, and better physical health.

If you're seeking a deeper sense of purpose or feel disconnected from life, Magic Mushroom retreat could be the transformative experience you're looking for. It caters to those exploring consciousness, inner self-connection, finding meaning, or achieving peace and well-being—a suitable choice for spiritual awakening or expanding consciousness.

Meet your Facilitators

Energy & Soul work
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Life Coach
Systemic Therapist
WhatsApp Image 2023-10-06 at 18.16.49_d2e46967.jpg
Wellness Facilitator
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Carlos, Singer
Circulo Magico
Medicine man
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What benefits can you expect attending a Psiclocybin retreat?

Inner Transformation

This transformative experience can lead to profound personal growth. Through various activities and ceremonies, participants have the opportunity to explore their inner selves, gain insights, and make positive changes in their lives.

Emotional Healing
and Release

It provides a safe and supportive space for participants to address and release deep-seated emotions. Through specialized workshops and practices, participants can experience emotional catharsis, healing, and a greater sense of emotional well-being.

Spiritual Connection and Expansion

Deepen their spiritual connection and expand consciousness. Through ceremonies and practices, participants may experience heightened states of awareness, spiritual insights, and a stronger connection with their inner selves and the world around them.

and Connection

Through sharing circles and group discussions , participants can connect with like-minded individuals, feel supported, and foster a sense of unity and belonging.

Chris - Spain

“I cannot express enough how much the 'Wild Spirit' retreat has transformed my life. The 4-day program were intense, but it was exactly what I needed to reset my mind and body. The workshops and the group discussions allowed me to delve deeper into my emotions and reflect on my life in a way that I never thought was possible. The microdosing was a game-changer for me, and it helped me to re-evaluate my priorities and focus on what truly matters. Since returning home, I've felt more clarity and joy in my everyday life. I am grateful for this experience. Thank you.“

The venue

The facilities include a yoga room, swimming pool, exquisite gardens, and a tennis court.

Benefiting from 300 sun-filled days annually, the air is crisp, purified by the nearby pine forest.


Finally, It is possible to extend your stay to enjoy the nature and the available activities.

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Barcelona, Spain

The retreat unfolds within a charming Mediterranean backdrop, offering an ideal environment to detach from your daily routine.


The venue consists of a collection of 18th-century rural farmhouses, nestled in the hills of Penedès, Catalonia, Spain, enveloped by forests and vineyards.

The venue is located 1-hour drive from Barcelona airport.

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Wild Spirit, a 4 days retreat in Europe, Spain
that includes +12 experiences:

1 Cacao ceremony or Temazcal Ceremony

1 Sacred tobacco 

Ceremony, Sananga

1 day focus on Shamanic


1 Golden teacher


1 day focus on


3 Yoga Session

with Plant infusion

3 experiential Workshops 

2 sessions: discoveryand group preparation

Holistic & integrative

Brief introduction to the activities

Sacred Tobacco - Rapeh
Sacred Tobacco - Rapeh

Sacred tobacco, a powdered blend of dried tobacco and tree ashes sourced from indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle, is revered for its ability to purify the mind, cleanse the body, and enhance the connection with the sacred plants.

Shamanic drumming

A technique that uses a steady and repetitive drumbeat to enter altered states of consciousness and journey into spiritual realms. It serves as a guide for the practitioner to connect with the spirit world and gain spiritual experiences.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation refers to the ability to manage and control one's own emotions effectively. It involves recognizing, understanding, and appropriately responding to emotions in order to maintain emotional well-being and navigate social situations. In short, it's about staying in control of your feelings rather than letting them control you.


A Temazcal is a traditional Mexican sweat lodge used for both healing and spiritual rituals. Built with clay or stone, it resembles a small dome, representing Mother Earth's womb. Inside, heated volcanic stones produce steam when water with medicinal herbs is poured onto them.  Participants engage in chants and prayers, experiencing a profound sense of purification and renewal.

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Psilocybin Microdosing

Assist in sharpening focus, enhancing sensory perception, and fostering a heightened state of presence. Users often report that microdosing this compound contributes to increased attentiveness, improved sensory awareness, and a heightened sense of being present in the moment. This subtle enhancement in sensory perception and presence may contribute to a more acute awareness of one's surroundings, emotions, and experiences, potentially aiding in mindfulness.


Holotropic Breathwork is a therapeutic approach developed by psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina Grof. It combines specific breathing techniques, music, and other sensory stimuli to induce altered states of consciousness for the purpose of self-exploration, emotional healing, and personal growth. The term "holotropic" is derived from the Greek words "holos," meaning "whole," and "trepein," meaning "to move toward," suggesting a movement toward wholeness or integration.


Amazonian herbal medicine derived from a root bark. It is known for its potential to improve vision, cleanse and purify, aid in spiritual practices, assist with emotional healing, promote focus and concentration, and support physical healing.

Golden teacher
Therapeutic Magic Mushroom

The Golden Teacher mushroom is a unique variety of psychedelic mushroom known for its golden-colored caps. It has the potential to induce profound experiences that can promote personal growth, enhanced self-awareness, and deep insights into thoughts and emotions.


Mindfulness practices often involve focusing attention on the breath, body sensations, or the surrounding environment to cultivate a state of calmness, clarity, and self-awareness. It is commonly used as a technique to reduce stress, improve well-being, and enhance overall mental and emotional resilience.


Self-discovery is the process of exploring and understanding oneself. It involves gaining insight into our values, beliefs, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. We uncover our true identity, purpose, and inner desires. Self-discovery enables personal growth, increased self-awareness, and the ability to make conscious choices.


Self-coaching is the practice of using techniques and strategies to guide personal development and problem-solving. It involves introspection, reflection, and taking an active role in addressing challenges, feeling, sensing, and reading the events with other perspective.

Integration Workshops
Integration Workshops

A supportive and transformative session designed to help participants integrate their experiences.  Participants are provided with a safe space to reflect, share, and process their insights, emotions, and lessons gained during the retreat.  Activities such as group discussions, mindfulness practices, art therapy, or somatic techniques are offered.

Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Instruments like singing bowls, gongs, or tuning forks, sound healers aim to restore balance, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation. This practice support meditation, release tension, and healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Live Medecine Music
Live Medecine Music

We recognize the profound impact of sound in shaping your journey, and thus, bring in talented singers and musicians to provide a vibrant musical atmosphere. Throughout the retreat, moments of silence are interspersed with the healing vibrations of music, adding depth and reverence to your experience.

Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony

It celebrates the heart-opening qualities of cacao. The purpose is to foster deep connections with oneself, others, and nature, nurturing unity, love, and emotional openness. Cacao is believed to heighten awareness, encourage introspection, and enhance spiritual connection, empowering participants.



Schedule subject to change.

Not Included:

  • Flights.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Airport transfers.

Day 2: Core transformation day

08:00 Morning Yoga finishing with an infusion of plants.

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Breathwork Journey - Part 1

13:00 Lunch and free time.

16:00 Shamanic drumming journey - Introduction & Cosmology

18:00 Break until the next workshop

20:00 Ceremony Preparation

21:00 Golden teacher Ceremony

Wild Spirit, 4 days retreat with Magic mushroom - Psilocybin:

Enjoy the low season pricing at 1299€.
Bring a friend a save up 50€ each.

Retreat package includes:

  • 4 days, 3-night stay in a beautiful venue in the nature. 

  • Luxury accomodation, incredibly comfy with vast space and stunning decorations. 

  • 3 meals a day prepared by a chef gourmet, a delicious and beautifully presented dining experience.

  • Farm to table organic and locally sourced, drinks and fruits available at anytime of the day.

  • We provide you with towels, toiletries and yoga mates.

  • Airport transfers are arranged but not included.


+12 Transformative experiences:

  • 3 Morning yoga/Breath Stretch finishing with Plant infusion.

  • 1 Golden teacher Ceremony. (Psilocybin - Magic Mushroom)

  • 1 day Breathwork workshops including holotropic, Rebirth, cardiac coherence and other techniques.

  • 1 day Shamanic drumming workshops with core shamanism from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies by Michael harner. (Totem, divination, healing, extraction, recuperation) 

  • 2 Integration sessions with group dynamics

  • 3 Wisdom Workshops: Sacred plants and Microdosing, Self-discovery and self-coaching, Emotional regulation.

  • 1 Sacred tobacco – Rapeh Ceremony, and Sananga.

  • On the arrival a Temazcal Ceremony (Depend on the weather and the season) or a Cacao ceremony with Sound Healing.

  • Live Music played by musicians and singers.

Preparation & post retreat follow-up:

  • 1-1 Call for Assessment : before the retreat we assess the individual's current state and intentions.

  • Individual psychotherapeutic evaluation.

  • Group preparation Session: 2-3 weeks before the retreat, you're invited to a preparation workshop.

  • Dietary guidelines for the retreat's preparation.

  • Group integration and follow-up a month after the reteat.


Next Steps

Choose your retreat


Choose a retreat that aligns with your desired experience and preferred intensity. 


Secure your Spot

Reserve Your Spot with 40% deposit. You will receive a confirmation email with all details and an evaluation form.


Preparation Call

After completing the form, you will receive a request to schedule a call for your assessment, which will include a psychotherapy evaluation.


Plan your travels

At 30 days before the retreat, consider booking your flight and making necessary arrangements.

You will receive an email to complete your payment at 30 days
from the reterat date, you can also pay at your arrival.


Attend a preparation workshop

Join us for a preparation workshop 2-3 weeks prior to the retreat.

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Secure your spot by making a non-refundable deposit of 40%.

​Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotions:

    • Early Bird Special Discount: 100€ discount if booked 45 days before the retreat.

    • Or Bring a Friend Discount: 50€ discount for both when you bring a friend. 

  2. Cut-off Date and number of Participants:

    • Cut-off Date: 30 days before the retreat. Confirmation or postponement decision will be made after the cut-off date. If confirmed, participants can book flights. If canceled, credit can be used for another date.

    • Minimum Participants: 8.

    • Our retreat accommodates a maximum of 14 participants.

  3. Seasonal Pricing: Our rates adjust accordingly with distinct pricing for low and high seasons:

    • High Season: from June to Octobe, retreat is at 1399€

    • Low Season: from November to May, retreat is at 1299€ 

  4. Cancellation Policy:

    • Full refund if canceled 45 days before the retreat.

    • After 45 days, the deposit is non-refundable. 

  5. Payment Settlement:

    • 40% deposit required calculated on the full season price.

    • Balance due 30 days before the retreat by transfer or at your arrival in Cash.

  6. Accommodation and Extended Stay:

    • Option to extend stay and arrive a day before for 150€ (all-inclusive amenities).

    • Option for a private double bedroom during the retreat for an extra 300€

Retreat language:

  • We are fluent in English, French and Spanish and most interactions will be in your preferred language.

  • During the integrations, we will use the language understood by the majority and we will translate when needed.

  • The retreat is conducted in English, and a basic level is sufficient.

For more details or specific inquiries, feel free to ask.

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