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Since 2017, the Holistika Center team has been organizing life-changing retreats and workshops exclusively for participants from France and Spain. However, in 2023, we are expanding our reach and offering retreats in English to welcome an international audience mainly from Europe. 

We invite you to discover our transformative retreats and know more about our team.

We are seeking retreat facilitators and leaders

We are enhancing our existing transformative retreats by creating new, unique experiences. Additionally, we are in the process of designing a new wellness retreat with the signature touch of Holistika Center. We are actively seeking an open-minded team to collaborate with us in Barcelona as contractors.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. We specialize in crafting magical and haute couture experiences, and we are on the lookout for individuals who share our passion.

Please check our retreats first so you know the kind of work we deliverand if it is alligned with you.


We are looking for Contractos / Freelancers :

  1. Breathwork Leader: Holotropic or Rebirth Breathwork Leader with a strong foundation in emotional release. Optionally, a valuable addition if they possess expertise in sound healing. Certification in Breathwork: rebirth, holotropic, soma breathwork is required. (based in Spain)

  2. Wellness Retreat Leader: We are designing a new Wellness retreat for 2024, and we are looking for someone who can embrace and lead with our approach to core transformation. (based in Spain)

  3. ORSC Coach Leader : A Certified ORSC Coach who is providing workshops to corporate clients with a strong holistic and spiritual profile is mandatory. (based in Spain)

  4. MBSR, Mindfulness Leader : A certified Mindfulness and MBSR expert who is providing workshops to corporate clients with a strong holistic and spiritual profile is mandatory.(based in Spain)

Please only if you fit the 5 requirements:

  1. + 5 years as a minimum.

  2. English fluent and Spanish fluent, another language is a plus. This depend on the workshop necessity.

  3. Experience in running holistic retreats.

  4. Being able to run more than 1 workshop which mean having multi-profile experience.

  5. Check the location requirement.

Please send your LinkedIn Profile (Or CV via email contact@holistika.Center) using the form below.

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