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Steal the fire: Holistic online Retreat

Pressed for time but eager to embark on a transformative journey


Steal the Fire Online Reterat is a precisely curated online expedition spanning 2 months. This retreat is specially designed to serve dual purposes: it's a catalyst for immediate, tangible transformation for busy individuals and also serves as a foundational training ground for those preparing for advanced retreats and intense workshops.

Upon joining, your first interaction will be a one-on-one discovery call. This session aims to tailor the upcoming experience to your unique needs, setting the tone for personalized growth. Following this, you'll plunge into a series of experiential workshops, strategically spread over two months. Each workshop is a mini-retreat in itself, lasting about 4-5 hours each encounter.

Your journey kicks off with an introductory session laying the foundation for what's to come. Dive deep into practices that help you locate where you are in life and what your transformative goals are. Through interactive sessions on integrative work, healing, and setting intentions, you’ll quickly understand your starting point and the horizon of possibilities.

The following workshops are thematic explorations, starting with the mind. Here, you won’t just listen to someone speak about mindfulness; you’ll live it. From meditation techniques to an introduction to Vipassana retreats, the teachings empower you with mental frameworks and practical tools that you can incorporate immediately.

Next, we center on the body. Feel invigorated as you explore detox routines, superfoods, and fasting, creating a ripple effect of well-being that elevates every aspect of your life. 

Breathwork is your third stop, bringing into focus a crucial yet often ignored facet of life. Discover breathing techniques for improved sleep and relaxation. Get prepared for more advanced breathwork sessions, and learn how mastering your breath can lead to mastery over your life.

Lastly, the final workshop goes beyond the individual, introducing the transformative methodologies of family constellation and transgenerational work. we delve into the soul and energy, grounding the experience in talks about chakras, energy cleansing, and a quick journey into soul work via shamanic drumming. You'll learn how to cleanse, balance, and harness your energy to operate at your peak, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The retreat culminates in a group integration session one month after its conclusion. Reflect on your transformation, share insights with fellow participants, and prepare for the next step in your journey.

In "Steal the Fire," you're not just scratching the surface; you're diving deep into a holistic transformation that primes you for further exploration in advanced settings. Are you ready to kindle the flames of your transformation?


Is Steal the fire the right match for you?

The Steal the Fire online retreat has the potential to elevate your holistic well-being by bringing immediate, tangible transformation into your life. You could see benefits such as heightened self-awareness, improved mental agility, and enhanced emotional intelligence.


The program is designed to boost your energy levels, improve your decision-making abilities, and infuse your day-to-day life with actionable practices.

For those feeling stagnant of daily routines, Steal the Fire Reterat can reignite your sense of purpose and rekindle your passion for life. It provides you with essential tools to unlock the limitations that have kept you bound, making it easier for you to engage deeply with your existence.

This retreat is also instrumental for individuals preparing for advanced retreats and intense workshops. It serves as foundational training, offering key skills and mental frameworks that will be beneficial for more specialized transformative experiences in the future.

In essence, Steal the Fire is highly recommended for anyone interested in a substantial, grounded initiation into the world of transformative work, energy healing, and advanced spiritual practices. Whether you are looking for immediate life improvement or preparing for deeper explorations, this retreat serves as your catalyst.


What benefits can you expect from Steal the Fire?

Immediate Transformation and Readiness for Advanced Work

This immersive journey is an accelerant to your personal and spiritual transformation. Designed as a foundational experience, it not only brings about immediate change but also equips you for upcoming advanced retreats and intense workshops. You'll complete this retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolkit of practices for deeper work.

Emotional Agility and Self-Awareness

It provides a nurturing yet dynamic environment for you to navigate your emotional landscape. Through specialized workshops, you gain actionable techniques for emotional regulation, leading to a more balanced emotional state and heightened self-awareness.

Body and Mind

As you journey through the retreat, you'll discover methodologies to rejuvenate both your mental and physical states. Whether it's through detox routines or nutritional insights, you'll leave with a renewed sense of vitality and strategies to maintain it.

Preparation for Advanced Spiritual Practices

The retreat serves as a cornerstone for more advanced spiritual explorations. With an introduction to family constellations and transgenerational work, you'll gain a glimpse into the interconnectedness of human experience, laying the groundwork for deeper pursuits.

Community and Ongoing Support

A unique aspect of this online retreat is the sense of community it fosters. The final group integration session serves as a space for shared reflection, allowing participants to connect with others on similar paths and offering a support network that extends beyond the retreat itself.

Steal the fire, an online retreat that includes:

5 in depth

experiential workshop

2 months to steal the fire for life transformation

1-1 Discovery and preparation Call

​1 integration

group session

Introduction to the transformative work

Brief introduction to the experiences

Minfulness and Meditation

Mind and Meditation sessions delve into various techniques designed to still the mind and deepen self-awareness. We explore different techniques aiming to prepare you for more advanced practices like Vipassana. These practices are not just theoretical but are tools for tangible lifestyle changes, encouraging habits like journaling.

Transformation & healing 
Transformation & healing 

Transformative work aims to induce a deep, internal shift, altering your state of consciousness for meaningful life change.  By exploring various avenues such as intuitive self-coaching and emotional release techniques, participants are equipped with the tools to address and balance their emotional well-being, enriching their lives beyond the retreat.


Breathing is not just a physical necessity but a transformative practice that affects your mental and emotional states. In this segment, we teach different breathing techniques geared towards better sleep, relaxation, and overall well-being. We also prepare you for full breathwork sessions, allowing you to experience the potential for emotional release and heightened awareness.

Body, Detox, Energy boost
Body, Detox, Energy boost

Our body is the vessel that carries us through life, and it deserves to be treated with care. In this part of the retreat, we focus on detoxifying your body and boosting your energy levels through targeted nutritional practices, including adaptogens and superfoods. We also introduce fasting and beginner-friendly yoga practices as tools for achieving a healthier body and mind.

Energy work
Energy work

we delve into the intricate dynamics of your personal energy fields, covering topics like chakras and energy cleaning. As a special feature, we introduce the concept of Family Constellation. This helps you explore multi-generational patterns and hidden family dynamics that influence your energy and relationships, offering a profound layer of insight and the possibility for deep emotional healing.


Mindfulness practices often involve focusing attention on the breath, body sensations, or the surrounding environment to cultivate a state of calmness, clarity, and self-awareness. It is commonly used as a technique to reduce stress, improve well-being, and enhance overall mental and emotional resilience.


Self-discovery is the process of exploring and understanding oneself. It involves gaining insight into our values, beliefs, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses. We uncover our true identity, purpose, and inner desires. Self-discovery enables personal growth, increased self-awareness, and the ability to make conscious choices.


Self-coaching is the practice of using techniques and strategies to guide personal development and problem-solving. It involves introspection, reflection, and taking an active role in addressing challenges, feeling, sensing, and reading the events with other perspective.

Integration Workshops
Integration Workshops

A supportive and transformative session designed to help participants integrate their experiences.  Participants are provided with a safe space to reflect, share, and process their insights, emotions, and lessons gained during the retreat.  Activities such as group discussions, mindfulness practices, art therapy, or somatic techniques are offered.

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Steal the fire, an online retreat to light up your transformation

Launch Price at 490€ VAT. inc.

Bring a friend and both save 50€.

Retreat package includes:

  • 5 Comprehensive Workshops: Each workshop lasts between 4-5 hours, scheduled on weekends to fit your lifestyle. Together, they comprise a 30-hour program designed exclusively for your personal transformation.

  • 8 Weeks of Continuous Support: Enjoy two full months of ongoing guidance as you embark on your self-improvement adventure.

  • Curated Reading & Preparation Material: Before each workshop, you'll receive hand-picked readings or videos to watch to set the stage for your transformative work. 

  • Targeted Assignments: Following each workshop, you'll receive assignments to apply what you've learned that you can share in the next session.

Preparation & post retreat follow-up:

  • 1-1 Call for Assessment and Intention Setting: A one-on-one call before the retreat begins to assess the individual's current state and to set intentions for what they hope to achieve.

  • Group Integration Session: One month following the retreat, reconvene for a group session to integrate your experiences, share insights, and set your path forward.

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