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Holistika Center

Holistic & Transformative Retreats in Europe
Barcelona, Spain

Fresh News - July 2024

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What sets our retreats apart from the rest?

I deeply believe that true transformation happens through experiences that alter the state of consciousness. With this core principle in mind, I have designed our holistic and integrative retreats.


My team and I will deliver a unique and enchanting experience, making our retreats truly special:

  • High Guidance: We provide compassionate and intuitive support throughout your entire journey.

  • Safety and Care: We ensure every participant feels secure and nurtured at all times.

  • Unique Flow: Our carefully crafted program leads each participant to profound transformation.


Join us and discover the extraordinary.

Founder & Guide

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Holistika Center helps you to awaken to your full potential of transformation 
and create a sustainable healing and spiritual awakening

We provide transformative Coaching and Spiritual retreats with expanded states

promoting mental health, emotional well-being and profound transformation.

Discover more than 25 experiences by Holistika Center.

Transformational retreats in Spain.

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What we prepared for your Life transformation

We do speak English, French and Spanish


Life coaching,

Psychedelic and

microdosing coaching


Spiritual Retreats, 

on demand corporate retreats

and an online Retreat!


Workshops and live coaching sessions, and Live Concerts

with Holistika Team

What can you expect when you attend
a transformative Retreat with Holistika Center?

Feel Love

Towards yourself, your life, your body, and everything else. 

Embrace the magic

Not knowing and surrendering to open up to a world of infinite possibilities.

Become Free

From your past, your traumas, your believes, your identity, and your old narratives.

Connect with

Your dreams, your truth and essence and the real you may be the one you never met.

Get a meaning

By connecting the dots of your life, you'll create a new narrative and achieve greater clarity.

Sense the energies

Sense your space, people and the situations you live to better catch the right moments.

Destress your body

Listen to its whispers and embark on a journey of healing.

Calm the mind

Shut down the noise to see clearly and think sharply. 

Feel empowered

You are the master of yourself, your are your best coach.  Takeaway powerful tools and practices for personal guidance.

The venue

​The facilities include a yoga room, swimming pool, exquisite gardens, and a tennis court.

Benefiting from 300 sun-filled days annually, the air is crisp, purified by the nearby pine forest.


Finally, It is possible to extend your stay to enjoy the nature and the available activities.

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Barcelona, Spain

The retreat unfolds within a charming Mediterranean backdrop, offering an ideal environment to detach from your daily routine.


The venue consists of a collection of 18th-century rural farmhouses, nestled in the hills of Penedès, Catalonia, Spain, enveloped by forests and vineyards.

The venue is located 1-hour drive from Barcelona airport.


Life Transformation backed by Science

Psychedelic Coaching - Microdosing Coaching - Plant Medicine Retreats 

ICEERS lnternational Center for Ethnobotanical education research  and service
MAPS The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Johns Hopkins Center
The Psychedelic Society UK
Grof Transpersonal Training - Holotropic breathwork
The foundation for shamanic studies - Michael Harner
Bert Hellinger - Systemic therapy - Family Constellation
The microdosing Institue
Heart Math

Since 2017, our team have been delivering Retreats in Spain

Thaousands of Participants
from all Europe

Experienced team delivering in 3 Languages

+3 Transformative
Holistic Retreats

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Any question or guidance, Let's meet up

Speak to a Program Consultant

Fill out the form and a Program Consultant will reach out to you.

WhatsApp: +34 644 656 129

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