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Our Story

Since 2017, the Holistika team has been organizing life-changing retreats and workshops exclusively for participants from France and Spain. However, in 2023, we are expanding our reach and offering retreats in English to welcome an international audience mainly from Europe. Our team has grown more seasoned and skilled, ensuring an even richer experience for all.

At Holistika, a unique gathering takes place, bringing together individuals who have chosen resilience and regained trust in life, determined to evolve into their best selves against all odds.


Today, we proudly assume the role of guardians, having dedicated years to our personal growth where each of us experienced genuine transformations. We combine our unique strengths to serve and guide you through your transformative process.​

What do we do?

Deep down, we all crave the same things: love, happiness, peace, and freedom. However, only a select few are genuinely willing to put in the necessary work.

The paths to wisdom are diverse; some find their awakening while traveling the world, in quiet contemplation in a park, enduring illness, or coping with loss.

Some get caught up in self-development books, pieces of training, and mind-centric coaching or get lured into expensive wellness retreats that lack substance—workshops filled with theory, adorned with meditation and visualization, and presented convincingly. While these may serve as catalysts or starting points, they do not constitute transformative work, and that's a bold claim to make.

Some individuals may invest years in psychotherapy, gradually making progress and pampering in self-care, and this can be wonderful.

We incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and yoga as preparatory practices. We acknowledge that they alone are not transformative for most practitioners as they are a life time practice.

We firmly believe that true life transformation can only occur through experience. The shift, in reality, happens when we actively live and immerse ourselves in a new reality, allowing it to deeply integrate within our minds, behavior, cells, neural pathways, and even our bones.

Those who have chosen to embark on this path be prepared for a comprehensive and profound journey, venturing into uncharted territories. It may prove challenging, uncomfortable, and even confrontational, intermingled with moments of awe and ultimate happiness. The results are truly priceless, making the effort invested entirely worthwhile.

At Holistika, we created what we believe to be the most transformative and impacting experiences.

Meet the Guardians at Holistika Center

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Let's connect and get to know each other better!


  1. Assumption of Responsibility: By participating in any activities, programs, or retreats offered by Holistika Center, individuals voluntarily assume full responsibility for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Holistika Center shall not be held liable for any personal injuries, damages, losses, or claims arising from participation in our programs.

  2. Individual Accountability: Participants are responsible for disclosing any relevant medical or psychological conditions that may affect their ability to engage in certain activities or practices. It is the individual's responsibility to seek appropriate professional advice or treatment as needed.

  3. Personal Boundaries and Consent: Participants are encouraged to communicate their personal boundaries and seek consent before engaging in any physical contact, therapeutic practices, or healing modalities with practitioners or other participants. Holistika Center promotes a safe and respectful environment, but it is the individual's responsibility to communicate their comfort levels and establish personal boundaries.

  4. No Guaranteed Outcomes: Holistika Center endeavors to provide a supportive and transformative environment. However, personal transformation is a process that may take many years and is a lifelong journey. Participants should not expect to leave the retreat completely transformed. The retreat may open doors to self-discovery and growth that are not always easy to handle and require continuous work and dedication.

  5. Integration and Aftercare: It is important to acknowledge that the healing process may continue beyond the retreat or program duration. Participants are encouraged to engage in appropriate integration practices and seek ongoing support or professional help if needed, after the conclusion of their stay at Holistika Center.

  6. Not a Replacement for Professional Services: Holistika Center does not provide medical, psychological, or psychiatric services. Our offerings are complementary to conventional medical and mental health treatments. Participants are advised to consult with their healthcare providers or licensed professionals regarding any specific medical or psychological concerns.

  7. Personal Beliefs and Choices: Holistika Center respects individual beliefs and choices. We do not impose any specific spiritual or religious ideologies on participants. It is the responsibility of participants to make informed decisions regarding their participation in specific practices or ceremonies.


By participating in any activities, programs, or retreats at Holistika Center, individuals acknowledge that personal transformation is a lifelong process that may require continuous effort.
Participants understand that Holistika Center does not guarantee instant or complete transformation, and the responsibility for continued personal growth lies with the individual.


Participants have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this disclaimer.

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