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Holistika Corporate Experience

On demand Tailored Retreat

Holistic and transformative retreat for companies


Are you in search of an exceptional and impactful experience that strengthens and empowers your team? Look no further than our exclusive Haute-couture tailored retreat, uniquely crafted for your organization.

Departing from conventional training or team-building events, our holistic corporate retreat offers a profound journey that prioritizes the human element. It fosters unity and collaboration, drawing inspiration from both science and ancestral wisdom. Unlike activities that encourage competition and distinguish between winners and losers, or standardized training that relies solely on theoretical concepts, our retreat unveils a realm of endless possibilities. It invites attendees to embrace the unknown, navigate complexity, and engage both their intuitive and rational minds in a harmonious partnership.

Stepping beyond the ordinary, our retreat provides a fully experiential and meticulously crafted program. It aims to enhance leadership skills, foster creativity and innovation, promote well-being and stress management, sharpen communication abilities, and bolster change management and adaptability. Each activity is thoughtfully selected and customizable to suit your team's specific needs and desired outcomes.

Holistic corporate retreats adopt an experiential and integrative approach, surpassing traditional methods to address both individual and team needs holistically. They prioritize mental health and overall wellbeing, ensuring that every participant is fully supported. The foundation of these retreats lies in thorough preparation for each activity, and crucially, the subsequent integration of experiences, ensuring lasting, transformative impacts.

Invest in your team's personal growth, professional development, and the success of your organization with this transformative retreat. Your team will emerge with newfound insights, enhanced skills, and a deeper sense of purpose, fully united and ready to face any challenge as a cohesive force.


Why a Holistic Corporate Retreat?

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of the corporate world, the quest to empower employees beyond traditional training and team-building methods has become essential for progressive organizations. This is where the holistic corporate retreat comes into play – a deep, immersive experience crafted to unleash the innate potential of individuals, nurture personal growth, and amplify overall well-being.


Unlike standard training programs that predominantly occur indoors with attendees often passive and seated, holistic corporate retreats introduce a rejuvenating and transformative perspective. Integrating hands-on and poignant activities, these retreats tap into the essence of our humanity: our emotions, relationships, and dreams.

The transformative impact of holistic corporate retreats extends beyond the confines of the event itself. Participants return to the workplace with improved communication skills, heightened emotional intelligence, and a renewed sense of purpose. Team dynamics often strengthen as colleagues bond through shared experiences, leading to enhanced collaboration and increased productivity.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills: A central component of a holistic retreat centers on enhancing communication and interpersonal skills. Unique engagements like equine coaching allow participants to interact with horses, deriving insights about leadership, empathy, and effective communication. Corporate constellations carve out spaces to understand organizational dynamics and foster mutual understanding within teams.

Mindfulness and Relaxation: In a world that often leaves little room for pause, mindfulness and relaxation practices take center stage in holistic retreats. Guided meditations, yoga sessions, and breathing techniques help participants cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and improve focus. Sound healing sessions create a tranquil environment, inducing deep relaxation and promoting emotional balance.

Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: Holistic corporate retreats offer a nurturing environment for self-discovery and personal growth. Journaling and reflection exercises encourage participants to explore their inner thoughts and emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves.

Health and Well-being: Recognizing the crucial link between well-being and productivity, holistic retreats also address health-related topics. Workshops on nutrition and mindful eating empower participants to make healthier lifestyle choices. Stress management techniques and self-care practices equip individuals with the tools to navigate the challenges of a demanding work environment.

Emotional Release and Creative Exploration: Embracing emotions and fostering creativity are essential components of a holistic retreat. Emotional release workshops, like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), offer a safe space for individuals to let go of pent-up emotions and find emotional healing. Creative expression through art therapy and music sessions allows participants to tap into their imaginative side, promoting innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Connection to Nature and Grounding: Nature plays a significant role in revitalizing the human spirit. Holistic retreats often incorporate activities that connect participants to the natural world, such as shamanic drumming, fire ceremonies, and sacred tobacco ceremonies. These experiences instill a sense of grounding, promoting introspection and a deeper connection to oneself and others.​​

Know Yourself to Lead Effectively: Equine coaching gently confronts leaders with the power of silent connection and presence. Further deepening this journey of self-awareness, the transformative heat of Temazcal ceremonies and the challenging embrace of ice baths provide confrontational yet enriching experiences. Together, these moments craft a leadership path marked by insight, resilience, and adventure.

Step by Step: Let´s Design your Holistic Corporate retreat

On demand Retreat designed by you.

Experience the Ultimate Holistic Corporate Retreat

1. Customized Outcomes: Define the outcomes you want to deliver to your team, focusing on areas such as well-being, stress management, creativity, motivation, performance, sense of purpose, improved communication, and conflict management, etc. 

We do fun an assessement to evaluate the areas of growth and the positive impact we can create together on your company and teams.

2. Choose Your Experience: Alternate team coaching workshops with half-day experiences from the following 5 options:

  • Mindfulness & MBSR

  • Chanting and Drumming, Sound Healing & voice

  • Equine Coaching and working with horses

  • Art Therapy, Dance, and Body Movements

  • Wellness, well-being & energy Boost


Utilize the beautiful natural surroundings to offer additional activities such as biking, wine tasting, boat experiences, horse riding, and trekking, to enhance the overall experience.

3. Pick your Venue & team: Set the retreat in Spain, ensuring the chosen venue combines comfort, sophistication, and serenity, in line with your standards.

Also, aim to gather 15 to 24 participants, depending on the venue, to encourage strong connections and lasting transformations.

Empower Your Team with a Tailored proposal: Meeting Your Vision, Budget and timing.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your team's well-being and strengthen their unity with our corporate retreat. Choose from our flexible time options, indulge in picturesque Spanish locations, and immerse yourselves in handpicked venues designed to meet your standards.

Together, we will craft a tailor-made program that delivers your desired outcomes. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, our additional experiences will further enrich your retreat experience.

Our experienced team is committed to creating a seamless journey, ensuring your retreat aligns perfectly with your vision, your values and beyond the needs and expectations of your team. Unlock the potential within your team, foster lasting connections, and ignite inspiration with our transformative holistic corporate retreat. 


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